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Every day streets display what’s on-trend right now. So, if you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, the world’s top street style stars have the inspiration you need. Every season stylish ladies debut the latest and greatest fashion looks from Paris and Milan to London and New York. Let’s consider top colors from the season for you to add to your shopping list.

Yellow (Aspen Gold) and Saffron (Mango Mojito)

The new palette for spring-summer – 2019 is not much different from the previous five years, because the primary colors are only seven, according to the colors of the rainbow, and these or other shades are fashionable. For example, the yellow color remains in trend and this season.

Choose yellow – the color of sun and you will looks great. By the way yellow is the favorite color of the mistress of the British crown. Yellow color will revive any look.


This year street style stars preferred a softer take on the trend this season. Rocking a range of shades from the lavender family, fashionistas proved that light purple is seriously stylish. Whether worn in the form of boots, dresses, coats or even head-to-toe ensembles, the flattering and feminine colour added a lovely touch to looks. Try it for yourself if you’re after something subtle yet exciting.


Pure white color never went out of fashion in the spring-summer collections. So where are we this time without him? White is a timeless shade in which a woman always looks impressive and expressive. You can easily create an total white look by combining different textures, creating a contrast on volumes and using different styles.

And most importantly do not forget about accessories. Exquisite clutch and sunglasses of a famous brand will only emphasize your individuality.

Green and Khaki

Deep green – Terrarium Moss – all the same beloved by all hacks, which will not go out of fashion ever. He likes blondes, brunettes and even naughty brown-haired women who find it hardest to choose the right color. We always pay a lot of attention to fashionable colors in clothes in order to look modern and stylish. The green is one of the most popular colors in this season and actual for designers and fashionistas. Particularly noteworthy are it is gloomy shades, which, at first glance, may seem quite dull, as well as golden lime – an interesting interpretation of the green.

Try to wear also the dusty-earthy shades from dirty yellow to greenish-brown and and you will not lose.

Burgundy and pink

The things lush and deep bordeaux Jester Red you will find in your closet. Feel free to combine it with another beautiful color of the season – Pepper Stem sprouts. He is no doubt. In the summer in the heat it is always nice to wear pants and a top of this “cool” color.

And most importantly do not forget about accessories. Exquisite clutch and sunglasses of a famous brand will only emphasize your individuality.

Finally, to create a spectacular image and always be the center of attention, do not be afraid to experiment with colors and be aware of fashion trends.

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